5 Recovery Tattoo Photos & Meanings

If you’re ready to take your first inked-up dip into getting a tattoo, or if you’re already a veteran body suit, scroll through some of our sobriety tattoo inspo. You know who I’ve seen with their clean or sober date as a tattoo? Call it superstition, Murphy’s https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/causes-of-alcoholism-why-are-people-alcoholics/ Law, temptation of Fate itself, or plain stupidity but, it’s just not a good idea. Relapse is unfortunately more often the rule than the exception. However, it could also explode into a full back piece using elements to commemorate your sober lifestyle.

Is there a symbol for addiction?

The Addiction Awareness Symbol

Whether you are in recovery from addiction, or you have a loved one battling addiction (or that has succumbed to the disease) a universal symbol for addiction awareness arrives in the form of a teal ribbon.

Jablonsky was about to go live with a guest one morning when his mother texted him, saying he needed to bring her on the live event that day because she had a special announcement. He explained he’d already had a guest lined up, but as he put it, you don’t say no to mom. Boettcher didn’t even want to copyright the design at first, but other tattoo artists threatened to do so under their own name if he didn’t. He even had people claim they had created the design and he was stealing it.

Tattoos Celebrating Recovery

The best tattoos of this nature will be realistic enough to look like photographs. These photorealistic tattoos are one of the more contemporary trends in tattooing, requiring a great deal of creativity, thought, and, most importantly, talent on the tattoo artist’s part. If we’re being literal, 3D tattoos take tattoo art to another level – or another dimension. sobriety tattoos Blue is a color of calm and joy, while the butterfly suggests birth and rebirth as you cycle through a new phase in your life journey. You can pair your butterfly thigh tattoo with flowers for a personal effect based on your preferences. Yet, the overall shared symbolism is one’s ability to overcome a severe life hurdle and positive transformation.

  • The local yoga instructor, who spent time studying Bhakti Yoga in India, is also in recovery herself.
  • So, for your consideration, here are 5 recovery tattoos you should avoid at all costs.
  • Boettcher himself represents overcoming addiction and achieving something.
  • Her voice is, in its own right, the common thread through all of it.
  • The circle in the center represents the necessary community support during recovery.

He started with pot and drinking, and progressed to meth and heroin when he was just 15 years old. Meth was his drug of choice, he says in an interview with City Pages. Like “One day at a time,” this mantra reminds people that challenges will present themselves, but they do not need to derail progress. BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (WBKO) -Bowling Green’s newest and only addict recovery tattoo and body piercing shop is giving back to the sober living community.

Should You Get a Tattoo in Early Recovery?

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction help is available 24/7. This is particularly true when getting fairly large pieces or a tattoo in an area visible to others. Thus, finding a well-reviewed and highly qualified artist is an essential part of your process to getting a sobriety tattoo. When getting a sobriety tattoo, it is crucial that you find a tattoo artist who is just as committed to your reason to get a tattoo as you are.

Alongside personal experience, Edward has deep connections to the mental health treatment industry, having worked as a medical office manager for a psychiatric consortium for many years. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction and are looking for ways to start your recovery process, know that you are not alone, and help IS available. It may also be beneficial to try and find an artist that has previous experience working with pieces dedicated to addiction recovery and sobriety.

Permanent Reminders

Remember, impulsivity is a hallmark of addiction – exactly the kind of behavior you’re in recovery to learn to control. Take your time and make sure you really want what you’re getting; make sure you have the budget for quality work and that getting this piece isn’t disruptive to your financial planning. It’s said that getting your boyfriend/girlfriend’s name tattooed on your body is a no-no. And, kind of like what we said in #2, it’s really just tempting fate when you get your Boo-Boo’s name permanently inked in your skin, forever.






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